The Guy Who Died Twice | A Detective D.D. Warren Story By Lisa Gardner

The Guy Who Died Twice is a Detective D.D. series novel. Warren by best-selling author Lisa Gardner. Detective D. D. Warren faces the strangest case of her career. She saw it all, the man entered the police station and said he was dead. They explained that he was still alive and was taken away a few hours later when he died. And Miss D. D. Warren finds out the cause and truth after this unexpected case.

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Review 1: The Guy Who Died Twice audiobook by Jonetta (Ejaygirl)

97 Minutes of Great Storytelling

Detective D. D. Warren comes home after a day dealing with the most bizarre case she can recall and shares the experience with her husband over a glass of wine. A man walks into the station and is convinced he’s already dead. A few hours after they dispatch him home, they receive a call that this time he’s truly dead.

I’m not a fan of novellas but I’m warming to those in this series because they’re cleverly crafted. And, if you have the good fortune to listen to them on audio, you’ll get the added benefit of Kirsten Potter’s sarcastic delivery, completely in tandem with the how the story is written. At the last minute, I decided to use a coupon to get the audiobook from Audible and treated myself to a fun 97 minutes of storytelling. I had no clue where this story would lead and how it would end but I did

Review 2: The Guy Who Died Twice audiobook by Jerry Bull

We consider Jeffery Deaver a short-story master, who has even authored an essay about what the medium ideally demands. We suspect he’d give high marks to this one, as did we, as it is suspenseful with a sizzling twist at the end to nicely tie up a superb “closed-room”-type mystery.

Gardner features her popular detective DD Warren, who is certainly more likable in this tale from not being her usual grouchy or overworked self. Humorously, a man walks into her police HQ and claims to have died! After he’s dismissed, Warren gets called to his estate a few hours later, and discovers that he is indeed definitely dead from a murderous knife attack. All the suspects are close at hand, including his chef, gardener, driver, housekeeper, doctor, and spouse. It takes all Warren’s brainpower, with a little bit of side research from her colleagues, to reveal the killer, with some surprises about the characters and their motives to cap off a fun tale.

That Gardner uses the story to illuminate an actual neurological disorder, Cotard’s syndrome, associated with severe depression, is just an added bonus to this fine outing. Even if the story was mostly an excuse to include the obligatory marketing of her (at the time) forthcoming full novel, it was a very fine effort standalone by the author. [4.5]

Review 3: The Guy Who Died Twice audiobook by Vickie Watts

This short story (fewer than 100 pages) introduces new readers of Detective D.D. Warren to her tenacious character and re-introduces her to her fans in a fun, frolicking mystery. D.D. is enjoying some family time when she gets called in to investigate a murder, the murder of a man who came to the police station earlier that day to tell everyone he was dead. Adam LaToile indeed ends up dead, later that day. It is up to D.D. To solve the mystery, with a cast of characters reminiscent of Agatha Christie and her style of eliminating suspects one by one. I really enjoyed the way the scene switched from the murder mansion to D.D.’s home, where she was explaining the case to her husband. I liked having a short read to remind me of how much I really do love the D.D. Warren books, and I think those who read mysteries will really enjoy this one.

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