THE HIT Audiobook Online By David Baldacci

Best Hitman of the U.S government i.e Robie said no to a job in the opening part of the series which made the agency take extreme steps against him. During The Innocent: A Novel he was considered as a rogue but when he solved the case of two murders he once again got his seat in the agency. Now the agency faces another threat in the form of Jessica Reel who too has gone rogue. Jessica is not like Robie who is running away from the agency rather she is coming after the elite members of the agency.

One by one she is killing other members without any reason and the higher authority plans of bringing her down. Robie is called who happens to be equal to her in skills. While chasing Jessica to bring her down for the sake of agency Robie comes to know about the cause which made his fellow assassin take such momentous steps. Conspiracies against the agency and the US government go sky high and if proper steps are not taken the whole of the nation will go down to ashes.

David Baldacci brings the matter of national security under threat; only two who can change the outcome are the two assassins who are also trying to kill one another. Ron McLary and Orlagh Cassidy the official narrators who will narrate The Target too, give two different categories of voices to the novel. For the assassins the voice is clear and précis while for the villains and the rest of the characters the voice is dull and a little low than the average.


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