The Jugger – Parker Book 6

The Jugger is the sixth mystery and suspense novel in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. The content revolves around the man Parker does for a living, because what he does is steal. Joe Sheer, a retired safe-keeper – known in the business as a juggler. He knows Parker’s alias, his whereabouts, his plans… and because he knows too much, he knows to keep his mouth shut or die. But Joe is willing to trade what he knows for a comfortable mattress, and what every man needs – his freedom.

Parker went to Nebraska to find the old juggler… and kill him. Parker’s trouble was: Joe was under six feet tall; something very valuable was missing; Someone was planning a funeral: Parker. It sucks for someone that Parker is not an easy person to kill.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

01- Parker arrives in town after receiving a strange letter from one of his men. The guy died after sending the letter. Parker is trying to figure it out, a bad cop is involved in this case.. Then Parker kills a good guy. The police investigation pulled, and things began to unravel. The result was events that I didn’t expect.

02- Book 6 talks about Parker as a flawed human being and a master criminal. Parker is intelligent, alert, has a deep understanding of people and human nature, is immoral, and is violent only when needed. Those well versed in their craft or business will respect Parker’s expertise as a criminal.

Parker he only respects the trusted people he has worked with in the past. Bozzo and other untrustworthy types are wiped out or killed. Messing with drugs, alcohol or women while working means you are a Bozzo and cannot be dependent. Parker also has a financial plan. He pays income taxes to establish legitimacy, stores cash everywhere like a squirrel, and is just “active” enough to replenish his cash. Parker is a smart criminal.

03- Parker is threatened. Joe Sheer is a longtime friend of his, a retired safe-cracker who writes him a letter begging for his help. Parker spent years and money building his cover and he would have nowhere to be confident if people found out. Parker went to Joe’s hideout, a small Nebraska town, and Joe died. But what happened to Joe? Why is Joe begging him to come? Will Parker’s secrets be revealed? The Jugger is the story of how Parker survived this great threat.

Parker learns that some people believe that Joe has a great treasure and that they all want a large sum of money. Parker, who believes his old friend never had such a treasure, stays around trying to save his “safe” alias. Can he save himself? What difficulties will Parker constantly encounter. The Jugger is a violent, action-thriller. Parker’s clever and sometimes reckless actions lead to excitement and intrigue.

04-The Jugger is Parker’s sixth novel. Westlake himself had doubts about this, deciding after it was published that Parker wouldn’t come to Sagamore to help anyone. It has been pointed out that Parker’s goal is to keep his identity clean against Charles Willis, a selfish Parkerian motive. When his contact (Joe Sheer) goes missing, Parker needs to know if anyone knows Parker’s identity.

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