The Killing Hour By Lisa Gardner – Best Selling Audiobook

Lisa Gardner is an American author, best known for her horror works The Killing Hour and The Next Accident. Also, she is known for her romance novels. The Killing Hour is the fourth book in the FBI Profile series by famous author Lisa Gardner.

The Killing Hour is about a horror killer, he’s always observant and cruel. Every time he kidnapped 2 people, he killed a second person in a short amount of time. For years, this killer worked on the same model, but the police never caught up with them. Their criminal activity is fast. The target this killer wanted to target lag young girls. He always waits for them outside the bar, swinging their car.  They come into their house, he offers to help.

He kidnapped a woman. He killed the first woman. Then he continued to kidnap and kill the second woman. Recently, 2 girls disappeared amidst the terrifying heat wave. What will the rookie FBI agent Kimberly Quincy do to face this extremely cruel and scary criminal? We invite you to watch the continuation of the fascinating novel with interesting storytelling of Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy. This horror story will not disappoint readers.

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