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The Law of Divine Compensation is a spiritual self-help book written by Marianne Williamson that explores the relationship between spirituality and material success. The book introduces the idea that there is a divine order to the universe that governs all aspects of life, including wealth and abundance.

Williamson explains that our beliefs and thoughts about money and success can either create abundance or block it. By aligning ourselves with the divine principles of love, forgiveness, and gratitude, we can unlock the flow of abundance and receive the rewards we desire.

The Law of Divine Compensation teaches readers to shift their focus from scarcity to abundance, acknowledging that the universe is abundant and that we are worthy of receiving its blessings. The book offers practical tools and exercises to help readers transform their beliefs about money and manifest financial well-being, while also encouraging them to be of service to others and contribute to the greater good.

Williamson also delves into the spiritual principles of forgiveness and compassion, exploring how they can help us release blocks and negative emotions around money and success, and open ourselves up to greater possibilities.

Overall, The Law of Divine Compensation is a guide to aligning ourselves with the divine order of the universe and attracting abundance into our lives. It offers a spiritual perspective on material success, encouraging readers to let go of limiting beliefs and trust in the power of the universe to deliver the blessings we deserve.

The Law Of Divine Compensation – Audiobook Online By: Marianne Williamson

Williamson (A Return to Love) is possibly the best-known spiritual activist and author who teaches spiritual principles based on A Course in Miracles.

The course, as it is intimately called, presents itself as a lesson in spiritual insights in Christian language. This latest book by Williamson, like all books based on the Course, deals with how we should see things, using one key principle: love is our all-encompassing reality. God and love (or remembrance of God) are the only eternal truth. It deals with the ways we attract or deflect miracles (anger, guilt, negative self-image), focusing on specific attitudes that will pave the way to material abundance.

What Williamson calls the Law of Divine Compensation is the deeper realization that “to the extent that your mind is conformed to love, you will receive divine recompense for any deficiency in love.” your physical existence.” Since our inner richness is ultimately the source of our outer abundance, it is miraculous to change our mindset from fear to love, allowing us to become a ready channel for energy. infinite amount of creation of the universe.

This book has provided excellent input on positive thinking. It reminds me of The Secret in some respects but more spiritually. There are many views based on spirituality and God. It’s about how you think determines the outcome because the universe listens. I completely believe in that. Overall, this is a good book and it can help one understand how to think and how to speak positively.

I enjoyed this book many times in a row when I was on a daily business trip. I find dear god prayers distracting and can skip them. The rest resonated deeply with me. The listening part inspires an alternative storyline rather than the one I tend to repeat to myself. And was immediately practical and useful.

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