The Lions of Lucerne Audiobook Free By Brad Thor | The Scot Harvath Series Book 1

The Lions of Lucerne is a genre fictional book. It is the very first title of The Scot Harvath Series. The book is written by Brad Thor. He is privileged to have his novels published in different countries around the globe. Path of the Assassin is one of the most popular novel that Brad Thor has ever written. If you like the first novel then you must also try his Black Ice novel which is equally as good.

Armand Schultz is the narrator of this chapter. It was not a good performance at all. It seems that the narrator was ill while he was saying all those lines in the audiobook.

The unthinkable has just happened right on the snow-covered mountains of Utah. As many as 30 agents of Secret Service got executed and the president of the USA on vacations got kidnapped by a lethal terrorist organization in the Middle East. It was the Fatah Revolutionary Council.

But, Scot Harvath, the former Navy SEAL does not believe at all that the act of terrorism was committed by the Fatah Revolutionary Council. Scot Harvath had his very own rules to get his answers. But, his search for truth was not welcomed by all. Rather, it surged the blood pressure of his seniors.

The deadly machinations were all in motion through a shadowy coalition. It had few of the top officials from private sector and the government.

The storyline of this novel seems to be a bit stretched out. It looks like an attempt just to make it a bit longer. The dialogues were also not up to the mark and so was the narration. Try this novel if you have time and you are not spending any credit for it.

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