The Man with the Getaway Face – Parker Book 2

The Man with the Getaway Face is the second novel in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. The content of the book is about Parker, the ruthless hero of Richard Stark’s mystery novel of the same name, as the most unforgettable character in fairy tales. Critics praised it for its tense realism, razor-sharp prose. Stark is a master of crime, his book as influential as any book in the genre. Parker takes the knife in The Man with the Getaway Face changing his face to escape the crowds and the contract of his life. He stole his biggest heist yet: an armored car in New Jersey, laden with cash.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

01- The Man With the Getaway Face is the second novel in the Parker series by Richard Stark. Parker got plastic surgery to prevent the Syndicate from finding him after all the trouble he’s caused them. Parker with a new face, dwindling money and a chance to pay off from a sketchy armored car robbery. Parker’s brutal effectiveness in planning and executing robberies. The case involves Parker dealing with a former boxer trying to avenge the murder of the very doctor who performed Parker’s facial surgery. Parker is stuck trying to keep the boxer from interrupting his armored drive, find out who killed the Doctor, and prevent his new face from being reported to the Syndicate.

I love Richard Stark’s Parker (Donald Westlake). He is a no-nonsense character who always does what is necessary and does not settle from what is weak. My only concern with this novel is that it feels like a more complete book installment. Crime lovers will love this fascinating series.

02- Parker the main character in “The Man with the Getaway Face” is like some heroes in western movies. This is a good novel with a fascinating story. Parker received a new face by plastic surgery. He tries to restart his criminal career, and his looks help him avoid his enemies.
Parker was first warned not to kill the surgeon for fear he might reveal a new identity. If the surgeon is killed, May is the doctor’s girlfriend, she will reveal the identity of every patient to the police. Parker doesn’t understand her since he gave his words in defense of the doctor. He has a new face friends don’t recognize him. He’s almost broken down and has plans for a new job. He accepts work against his better judgment because he has no time to choose.

03- Parker is a criminal who does not regret his actions. He started looking for a new job. The arrival of the new job was not something Parker was not very comfortable with. His past is also entangled in more complications. He is willing to go anywhere if it suits his plans. Hollywood robberies involve handsome men with luxury cars. Parker must work to get a bankroll using old cars and any desperate people he can find.

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