The Martian by Andy Weir

A story by Andy Weir makes you think that whether it is fiction or nonfiction as the story moves simply at first in which you don’t find any Martians at all but then all of a sudden we find the head of the crew stranded on the planet with no way back not even a single connection that could lead a way out of the trouble in which he finds himself. The story has thrilling aspects as well when we find Mark facing the storm in which he loses everything that he called life.

Mark uses all his skills to survive in the alien planet where even if he finds the a way to establish connection with the mother earth he would still lose his life because the help would never reach to him in time that is before the end of the food supplies and other supplies that include the oxygen supply as well.

Mark even starts thinking that he would perhaps the first one who would die on this strange planet.

The story after a twist at the start with the destruction of the crew becomes a bit rigid and the corrosiveness goes to the end of the story with a battle for survival all the time. The story reminds us about the books like Artemis and The Egg by the same author as the way of writing is almost the same, though the stories and their scenes are totally different still, there are certain connections that can be found between the nature of the characters and the description of the scenes.


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    1. I’ve have used this book to fall asleep with many times ..too many times. it’s complete unlike the others on the site

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