The Midwife Murders

The Midwife Murders is a gripping novel by authors James Patterson and Richard DiLallo. In this thriller, a missing patient raises concerns in a New York hospital. With all the dark possibilities appearing more and more, Lucy teams up with an NYPD detective to solve the case.

We invite you to listen to this fascinating story.

It’s Monday
It’s August
It’s one of those days that’s already so hot at 6 a.m.
Did they tell you to check on your elderly neighbors and please don’t go outside if you don’t have to
Of course I’m jogging through the stifling smelly streets of Crown Heights Brooklyn with a dog
A dog named The Duke
Not Duke
The Duke
That’s his name
That’s what my son Willie who was four years old when the Duke was a puppy wanted
So that’s what we did
The Duke is a terrific dog
A mixed breed German Shepherd Terrier and God knows what else from the Brooklyn Animal Resource coalition
Animal Shelter
Is cuter than any guy ever dated
Emily was instinctively right about the dog’s name
He’s the Duke
The Duke is snooty and snobby and slow
He actually seems to think he’s royalty
His Highness belongs to Willie but for 45 minutes a day
The Duke condescends to be my running buddy
The Duke doesn’t seem to know or care that I’ve got places to be
I’m a certified nurse midwife
So why do my work by the schedules of a lot of pregnant women
The normal day like today I’ve got only a small window of time to exercise before getting breakfast on the table
Because although Willy is now 9 years old
He still needs a lot of looking after by me
Is single mom
When is a half hour subway ride into Midtown Manhattan
Back to work
Although I’m tired as hell from delivering a preterm last night
Emma Rose the infant
Is doing just fine I’m relieved to say
I love my job as much as I hate running
Get away from that rotten piece of melon the Duke
Does pigeons got there first
I took hard on the leash
It takes the Duke of full City Block to forget about the melon
Don’t feel bad for the dog
You’ll find some other rotten food to run after
If not
There’s a big bowl of Kareena and some old Chinese takeout beef and broccoli waiting for him at home
I turn up the volume in my headphones
Okay it’s the same playlist I listen to when I was a teenager
But motorhead’s Ace of Spades never gets old does it
Willie says that every band I like Motorhead corn take
Definitely old school
He’s right but hey
Like what you like right
And hey old school isn’t so awful
At least not for me
No no no
We’re not stopping to talk to Marty
Hey Marty how you doing man
We don’t need any cocaine today keep moving keep moving
Pep talk to self
Come on Wednesday Ryan you can do it
Keep moving
Even on just four hours sleep you can do it
Little bit more
One more block
Then one more block
And now we’re moving into Grand Army Plaza
Enterprise specs park with all the other runners
Bless them
They’re all in Annoying inspiration
I’m strangely an amazingly awake on so little sleep
Now I’m into a running Groove and everything feels good
Until the music suddenly stops
My cell is ringing
One of my assistants tracy-ann Kavanaugh a smart energetic young woman
I’m sorry I’m really sorry to bother you
I know you must be
What’s up Tracy Ann
Ballerina Gomez’s here at the hospital
Her brother bought her and she’s at 8 cm
I roll my eyes at the Duke from God’s sake
Valerina Gomez has been trouble from the get-go a druggie a smoker a drinker
And I’m afraid to think how she makes her living
Plus just her luck
She’s carrying twins
Cancel her till I get there
You can do that tracy-ann
Yes there’s a very impatient tone to my voice
Patrizia’s great
Tracy-ann can handle her just fine
I will
I will she says
There’s something else
Okay what
A newborn baby has gone missing
I asked the question that every shocked person asks
Are you kidding me
Tracy and doesn’t even bother to say no and said she says
Hospital is going crazy
The cops detectives
They’re all over the place
They say this is never happened here before
I mean
I’ve heard once or twice somebody got the wrong baby to take home
Knew that
Do you go crazy to Tracy Ann
Just cooperate do your job and
What are we going to do
Then with my head aching sweat dropping from me like rain my stomach churning
I say something absolutely stupid
What we’re going to do tracy-ann
We’re going to help them find a baby


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