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The New Map is a book written by Daniel Yergin, a renowned energy expert and Pulitzer Prize-winning author. In this book, Yergin explores the changing dynamics of the global energy landscape and its impact on geopolitics, economics, and the environment.

Yergin begins by discussing the shale revolution in the United States and its transformative effect on the country’s energy sector. He delves into the history of shale gas and oil production, highlighting how technological advancements such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have unlocked vast reserves previously considered uneconomical to extract. This development has not only made the U.S. a major player in global energy markets but has also had profound geopolitical implications.

The author then examines the rise of China as a dominant force in the global energy arena. Yergin analyzes China’s increasing demand for energy resources and its efforts to secure access to these resources through various means, including investments in foreign oil fields, pipelines, and renewable energy technologies. He also explores China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a massive infrastructure project aimed at enhancing connectivity between Asia, Europe, and Africa, which has significant geopolitical implications.

Yergin further delves into the complex relationship between energy and climate change. He discusses the challenges faced by governments and industries in transitioning to cleaner sources of energy while ensuring economic growth and energy security. The author examines various countries’ approaches to reducing carbon emissions, including renewable energy deployment, carbon pricing mechanisms, and international climate agreements such as the Paris Agreement.

In addition to analyzing specific countries’ energy strategies, Yergin also explores regional dynamics that shape the global energy map. He examines the Middle East’s enduring importance as a major oil-producing region and its geopolitical complexities. He also discusses Russia’s role as a significant player in global energy markets and its use of energy resources as a tool for political influence.

Throughout the book, Yergin emphasizes the interconnectedness of energy with other aspects of society, including politics, economics, and the environment. He highlights the need for a comprehensive understanding of these interdependencies to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolving energy landscape.

The world is being shaken by the collision of energy, climate change and the power conflicts of nations in a time of global crisis. Out of this chaos emerges a new map of energy and geopolitics. The “shale revolution” in the oil and gas sector changed the US economy, ending the “era of shortage” but ushering in a turbulent new era. Almost overnight, the United States became the number one energy power in the world. However, concerns about energy’s role in climate change are challenging the global economy and lifestyle, fueling a second energy revolution in search of a low-carbon future. All of this has been made more acute and urgent by the coronavirus pandemic and the dark economic times it has caused.

World politics is being turned upside down, as a new cold war develops between the United States and China, and competition becomes more and more dangerous with Russia, which is pivoting east to North Korea. Terrible. China’s Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are converging both in energy and challenging US leadership, as China projects its power and influence in all directions. The South China Sea, claimed by China and the world’s most important trade route, could become an arena where the US and China collide head-on. The map of the Middle East, drawn up after World War I, is being challenged by jihadists, Iranian revolutionaries, ethnic and religious conflicts, and dissident populations. But the region has also been shocked by two recent oil price drops – and by the very question of the future of oil for the rest of this century.

A master storyteller and global energy expert, Daniel Yergin takes listeners on an incredibly engaging and timely journey across a new map of the world. He sheds light on enormous energy and geopolitical questions in an age of growing political turmoil and points to the profound challenges that lie ahead.

A smart and interesting history of energy for the past 150 years and a realistic outlook for the next 50 years. Covers the political implications of oil and other forms of energy, the transition we’re going through, and the importance of energy, especially for today’s 2.5 billion people without energy . Very interesting and well written. A must read if you want to discuss energy and climate change in a balanced and informed way.

This is an excellent follow-up to energy in the Mission to Tackling Climate Issues, the Future of Energy, and Global Politics. A comprehensive study of the potential impacts of COVID-19 could benefit experts in the field of policy and strategy.

A well-researched, well-analyzed, and well-executed book by an industry insider that provides a global perspective on the energy landscape over the next 30 years.

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