The Nickel Boys – Full Audiobook A Novel By Colson Whitehead

Although most of the critics and readers think that “The Nickel Boys” by Colson Whitehead has certain exaggerations by the writer but in reality it is not the case. Colson presents the true picture of the hideous society that was there in the world in 1960’s. The apparently motivated and committed people were in reality eating the society up right from its roots.

The schools that were made to teach the students moral laws were ironically run by immoral people. Elwood Curtis a black faces such a tragic situation as the image of the society tend to blur in front of him. Still he is not ready to make himself yield in front of all the inhuman activities that he sees and faces. Elwood tries to motivate himself by the quotes of Martin Luther King but speeches cannot help you in times when you face the fear of being slaughtered.

The Nickel academy had all the immoral things that are present on the mother earth. The ration was looted constantly than child abuse was a common thing and the one who tried to speak against the injustice was wiped out from the face of the world. We see two boys with different approach towards life Elwood wants to endure while Turner wants to kick the villain back in the gut.

Colson Whitehead has teamed up with JD Jackson in order to narrate the tale in a perfect way, better than The Intuitionist and Zone One which no doubt are also excellent work. The other books of the author don’t have that much history attached to them that we see in the particular work. Racism is also there and Colson intentionally adds the quotes of Martin Luther every now and then to make his motive clear in front of the reader.

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