It is said that art sustains longer than ordinary human beings, the stories and things we see and observe surely remain in the mind much longer. A person whom we meet on the road or in the office disappears soon after the confrontation is over but incidents and stories go deep into the mind and remain there forever. Neil Gaiman writes and narrates the story of a man who is drawn back to his native village and house after the death of a close relative. After the funeral, he starts remembering the old things which he never expected to find in his memory.

The thoughts of a lovely girl whom he used to meet in his childhood draw him back to the pond where they used to meet forty years ago. Lettie was the name of the girl and she used to call that pond an ocean. After these romantic thoughts, the deadly thoughts linked to the pond also start coming to the mind of this middle-aged gentleman. He starts remembering how a man died after being drowned in that pond.

Everybody in the village got scared and it was Lettie who helped him to get over his fear. Don’t Panic had philosophy involved in it and Good Omens had all the fun and humor, this novel gives us a taste of the past and present. Memories come into play more than once in the novel thus making it highly sentimental for the listener. Neil over the years has experimented with every form of literature and has succeeded in all of them. Here the author tells us about the connection of a man with his old thoughts and their impact on his current state.

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