The Path of Daggers (Full Audiobook) Book Eight of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

The beginning of the ninth part still does not kill our enthusiasm as it is on the rising side since the beginning of the series. The passion is the same whether you read A Crown of Swords or The Great Hunt. Even this part has same sort of energy which means that Robert Jordon has never given up hope on his masterpiece fantasy that has been ruling the hearts of many since the first launch. Elayne tries to find shelter in Caemlyn this time which is not only her birthplace but also her birthright as well.

She is forced to come to this land once again as Seanchan has won the battle against her and she had no other options left in life. Nynaeve and Elayne once thought that Ebou Dar was their home and no one could take it away from them but it is gone lost in the battlefield. As both of them try to find another way to beat Seanchan another evil surrounds them and their newly acquired home.

The Wheel of Time has not been friendly with the people of land as it unleashes evils and makes legends part of history within no time. The cruelty of the Wheel is revealed fully when it does not even allow the people to relish the pleasures of life for a small moment of time. Michael Kramer and Kate reading the two official narrators of the series brings in a corrosive touch in their narration to depict the true feelings of the characters that are facing a grim situation all the way till the end of this chapter.      


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