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“The Puzzle of You” is a novel about a woman named Charlotte who wakes up with amnesia and discovers she has a daughter, a life she doesn’t recognize, and a husband who is struggling to readjust to their relationship. As she tries to figure out what has happened, she discovers that the identity she thought she wanted may not be the one she truly desires. The novel explores themes of identity, motherhood, and self-discovery as Charlotte goes through the process of rediscovering herself and her place in the world.

The opening of a novel about Charlotte McKay, who wakes up in a hospital bed having lost the past three years of her life. Her husband and a three-year-old girl are by her side, and she struggles to understand how she became a mother and gave up her previous high-flying career and independent lifestyle. As she tries to uncover the reality of her new life, Charlotte battles to remember the events that led to her current situation and reconciles herself to the changes in her identity and relationships. The novel explores themes of motherhood, identity, and self-discovery as Charlotte questions whether she truly wanted her previous life and whether amnesia is a chance to start over.

She wakes up to a life she doesn’t recognize – with a daughter she doesn’t remember.

When Charlotte McKay wakes up in her hospital bed with no memory of how she got there, all she wants is to return to the perfect London apartment she shares with her husband and the impressive career she’s built. But something is wrong. Her husband David is at her bedside – but so is a three-year-old girl, and she is calling Charlotte “Mom”….

Charlotte’s first instinct was to panic. When – why – did she have children? What about her rise, her independence, her romantic weekends with David? She loved being that woman: how could she be the housewife she swore never to be?

Returning home, she plunges into her alien world, hoping to piece together the mystery of her transformation. But faced with so much that feels foreign and unnatural, will she ever be happy in a life she can’t remember having – or wanting?

Charlotte and her husband David are living a good life. They love each other deeply, they have a perfect apartment in London that she spares no expense in decorating, they can travel when they want and she has a job she loves and is very successful. Their life as a couple is perfect. As the novel begins, Charlotte gets into a car accident and wakes up in the hospital with David by her side. She is happy to see him but she wants to go back to their apartment and she wants to go back to work. Suddenly, she realized that there was a three-year-old girl who called her ‘Mother’. Who is this child and where does she come from? Charlotte quickly realizes that she has lost 4 years of her life – she doesn’t remember being pregnant or having a daughter… she just knows that she wants her old life back. she doesn’t have him to help her through her dementia or show her how to treat a child. Will Charlotte regain her memory or will she have to learn to function in her new life?

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