The Rare Coin Score – Parker Book 9

The Rare Coin Score is the 9th literary fiction book in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. As the book deals with theft, Parker believes in some basic rules. At work he breaks down two of them: never carrying dame – especially not the kind you like – not working with amateurs. With the help of a creep, Billy, lured by an opulent widow, he agrees to set up the heist of a coin convention. But Billy was a rookie who couldn’t get enough grades and the woman quickly became the center of attention. The first appearance of Claire, who steals her brother Parker’s heart – while together they steal two million dollars worth of coins.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- This is a good novel starring Claire. Don Westlake didn’t always delve into the psyche of the character but he did establish Claire as a major part of Parker’s life from then on. The intriguing subject matter of Parker’s novel involves the theft of coins collected at a hotel convention. Westlake deals with criminals and provides vicarious entertainment for those of us in the ordinary world through this novel. Several conspirators/traitors, a pitiful character that may or may not survive, but there is always one big problem Parker has to deal with.

02- Parker heard about a rather unusual type of capers. But his curiosity won’t let him, there’s a rather interesting woman entering the scene. He’s basically trapped himself in a dubious scenario. Stark seems to have gained some background knowledge that helps with the story, he comes up with interesting ways of dealing with issues. But it’s mostly the overall effect of telling the story that draws you in and you can’t help but be enthralled by the story as the action gets hotter and crazier on the page.. This is a great story full of theft and background sex elements.

03- Parker, the “anti-hero” in Richard Starks’ gripping crime novel. There are many important “rules” that help him avoid having to do a job that could land him in jail. In “The Rare Coin Score”, Parker observed at least five violations of his rules of survival. Any rule violation could be serious, and his subsequent analysis revealed seven.

First, there are two actors involved. One can spoil the execution, the other is dangerous. An amateur is a rare coin dealer, making him vital to any scheme.

Second, the second actor is a woman. Parker doesn’t trust women.

Third, the female member of the team is a “girlfriend” who is one of the great actors and traders of coins. Parker is attracted to her and wants her for his own.

Fourth, the two team members hate each other and always seem ready to fight. That feeling can distract them and cause the job to fail.

Fifth, A member was recently released from prison. Memories of being incarcerated can hinder confidence and lead to serious mistakes.

Friday, Parker thinks they may be shipping two tons of boxes of rare coins. Such weight is difficult to handle when escaping the police.

Seventh, one of the original team was allowed to quit after learning the details of the job.

Will this suspenseful novel derail Parker’s plans?

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