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“The Right of the Line” is the fourteenth book in the Ark Royal series by Christopher G. Nuttall. The story is set in the distant future, where humanity is facing an invasion from an alien race known as the Shongairi. In this installment, the Royal Navy’s space fleet, led by the battleship Ark Royal, is tasked with defending Earth and pushing back the Shongairi. As the war intensifies, tensions rise between the human commanders, each with their own agendas and strategies for victory. At the center of the conflict is Captain The Honourable Geoffrey Fuller, who is determined to lead his crew to victory and protect the planet from destruction. Along the way, he faces challenges from his own government, rogue officers within the fleet, and the Shongairi’s advanced weaponry and tactics. Narrated by Ralph Lister, the audiobook captures the high-stakes action and political intrigue of the story. Nuttall’s characters are well-developed and multifaceted, providing a nuanced perspective on the complexities of leadership and warfare. With its fast-paced plot and vivid descriptions of space battles, “The Right of the Line” is a thrilling addition to the Ark Royal series.

The war is on the wrong track.

The alien virus has begun to attack, penetrating human defenses and sending advanced elements to threaten the Earth itself. HMS Invincible and her crew, having just returned from their last mission, are thrown on a desperate mission to fortify the inner defenses before the virus can crush them and destroy humanity. The stakes have never been this high. Failure means the end of everything.

But as the virus continues to strike, overcoming all opposition, Invincible must launch a reckless raid deep into enemy space to buy time for humanity….

Or watch, helpless, as humanity faces a fate worse than death….

I read the first book a few weeks ago and have just finished reading book 14. The quality of the books varies somewhat but the main reason why I can’t stop reading is the basic political background and the way the author so convincingly describes a society facing extinction. This level of insight is rare in modern Science Fiction books and forces you to think about all the wrongs of modern society and how stupid our controversies are to think about the bigger picture.

A good Sci-Fi story that will make you think and this one does exactly that!

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