The Russia Hoax

The Russia Hoax is about people in Barack Obama’s FPI and justice department working to help Hillary Clinton win and defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. personal hatred to interfere in actions to sabotage electoral democracy in our country. Russia Hoax clearly stated the wrong actions of the Democratic Party.

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Review 1: The Russia Hoax audiobook by Wyatt Kaldenberg

Great book with a ton of info about corrupt system

This book has so much information that I had to buy both the hard copy and the audible book. The FBI, CIA, DOJ, corporate media, public schools, and the rest of the deep state have their own agenda and it is not in the best interest of the American people. This is a great read and a great listen.

Review 2: The Russia Hoax audiobook by B. Weathers

A Must Read

Every American citizen who cares about right and wrong, cares who about this country and its future and about our children MUST read it. The fears our Founding Fathers had with regards to the dangers of corruption within our government should bad people get in it, get inside and in positions of power have come true. It is not a sudden event but one that has been going on most likely since the days we got rid of the profoundly corrupt, J. Edgar Hoover in the FBI. This is NOT a Democrat vs. Republican issue but rather an American issue that will effect us all if we don’t hold these incredibly corrupt people accountable for their crimes. If President Trump and those these corrupt people have targeted are denied justice then there is no hope for it with anyone else. We must demand that these people adhere to the Rule of Law. Please read this well written book and become educated on what is actually happening, and it’s not the lies we are told by equally corrupt media.

Review 3: The Russia Hoax audiobook by Ruth

If only our media at large was as thorough as this!

What a pity America has no true and honorable media to serve as our watchdog of liberty. Otherwise this perverse miscarriage of justice would not have divided our nation and hampered our duly elected president. The DOJ needs a clean sweep in order for confidence to be restored in the American people. The current farce that is known as the muller investigation needs to end at this point.

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