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The Sea Keeper’s Daughters is the third novel in the Carolina Chronicles series by Lisa Wingate. Business store owner Whitney Monroe is desperate to save her business from an enemy takeover. She searched for years for heirlooms including necklaces and love stories that would help her improve her predicament. We invite you to watch this wonderful story unfold.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Sea Keeper’s Daughters audiobook by H20Babies


I so very much wanted to like this book. The premise had me hooked. The underdeveloped characters and storyline left it flat, and I struggled to stay engaged.

The main character, while seemly motivated by circumstance, simply seems to sleepwalk through her life, including a romance with a “hero” who is selfish and quick to believe the worst about his new found love interest.

Even the characters in the 1930’s and the antagonists lack any sort of personality. Motivation for behavior and actions aren’t explained, like why a sister would destroy letters without reading them, and why the other sister would continue writing for years after she never receives any responses. One of many implausibilities.

Finally, it takes a lot for me to dislike a narrator. I can count twice in hundreds of audio books that I’ve been disappointed in one….and this book is one of those two. She sounds VERY mature. As in elderly, and the heroine is in early 30’s. That and her inflection is very often “off”, placing emphasis in the wrong parts of the narrative. Extremely off-putting.

Review 2: The Sea Keeper’s Daughters audiobook by wendy


I read “before we were yours ” and loved it! so I tried this one.. I thought the story and the reader were boring.. it finally caught my interest around chapter 16. it ended better and did arouse my interest in the malungeons .. I didn’t know about them and will read more about them.

Review 3: The Sea Keeper’s Daughters audiobook by Catherine Hahn


Honestly, I bought this book becauae the same author wrote “Before we were yours”, an excellent book. This one, I had a hard time making it through the first few chapters, but once the story came together, it was very good.

I think part of what made it hard was the reader, though a great reader, her voice sounded like a senior woman, which made the romance parts hard to beleive as a young woman. The reader sounded more like a Grandmother than a young woman. Just a personal thing, but they really should cast the sound of the readers voice like they would a movie part….person needs to sound like the person they portray. Because of this, I almost did not finish the book….I would have missed out.

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