The Shadow Rising (Full Audiobook) Book Four of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan slowly and steadily builds an unforgettable evil that surpasses every legend there is in the myths and history of the human race. The evil goes on getting stronger and stronger in each part and its complete eradication almost becomes impossible even for the dragon-like warriors that we witness in The Dragon Reborn.

The Dark One that it destroys was just a fragment of the evil that he was about to face in the later stages. The novel begins with the news that the seals of Shayol Ghul are now lacking in power to control the devil they have imprisoned for such a long time. The shadow spreads over the valley now making the life of the people a living hell as they fail to find a solution for this epic sort of a problem.

All fail to stop the Dark One as the Black Ajah, Aes Sedai and Tairen Nobles fall one after the other and mankind are left with only one hope in the form of the Dragon Reborn. As compared to previous part the Dragon Reborn is now fully aware of his powers and limitations and knows the fate of the two fighters as well who will take part in the epic war. It’s done or dies situation for both i.e the good and the evil as the only one can survive the war.

The plot is a bit complex this time as it is loaded with several subplots as well but the clear voice of the two narrators Kate Reading and Michael Kramer makes the story easy to understand for the listeners. The details of the characters are given extra length in order to make a clear picture in the mind of the reader.  

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