The Silver Chair – The Chronicles of Narnia By C. S. Lewis

The Silver Chair is an all-inclusive fantasy book The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. The content is about dangers not to mention darkness, a group of noble friends are sent to rescue a captive prince. Their mission leads them to the Underland to face a demon more beautiful and deadly than they expected.

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Review 1: The Silver Chair – The Chronicles of Narnia by James

Lewis the Apologist

For some reason, seemingly unlike most who read the very profound Chronicles of Narnia, The Silver Chair is my favorite– despite the fact that it contains some of the more heavy-handed Christian allegory among them. As a person who is not Christian and has never had any intention of becoming one, there are certain characterizations of divinity and gender which are quite antithetical to my own perspectives, as is often the complaint about this particular series from some strongly secular bases.

However, The Silver Chair, just as the majority of the rest of the series, is quite readily capable of standing apart from Lewis’ standard Apologist reasonings as literary classics. This book is not only an important Christian Apologist treatise which should never be ignored as such, but also really amazingly useful to the mind of any child capable of comprehending it, as it masterfully integrates relevant and meaningful ethical lessons for young people of any religion, or even no religion at all.

Review 2: The Silver Chair – The Chronicles of Narnia by book buyer


Jeremy Northam is absolutely terrific narrating this book! He gives a voice to each character and does a wonderful job bringing them to life. His narration greatly enhances “The Silver Chair”. He should narrate more books in the Narnia series!

Review 3: The Silver Chair – The Chronicles of Narnia by Christina

Superb Narration – best story of the series

My family and I love this book the most in the Chronicles of Narnia series. Jeremy Northrup’s reading is superb and he has a large range of character voices which are engaging and delightful. C.S. Lewis was truly one the great authors and the scene where the witch tries to enchant the travelers is unforgettable. We were mesmerized from start to finish and our only regret was that the story wasn’t longer.

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