The Silver Dream | InterWorld Book 2

The Silver Dream is the second book in the InterWorld series by renowned author Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. This is a gripping fantasy adventure through space and time of Joey Harker and the freedom fighters of InterWorld. They have a mission to maintain peace the power of magic and science, the ways that are controlling the whole world.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Silver Dream audiobook by Gobbits

A disappointing sequel

I really loved the first interworld book. I did not feel the same way about this one.

The largest and most glaring issue is the switch of narrator, the voice actor from the first book really contributed to the character of Joey Harker, while this one had a dumb macho voice I might expect to be narrating an over-the-top zombie novel.

There was also a pretty significant shift in what the two books were like as well, the first book was full of interesting world building, and this one was much less interesting. Also, the first book had some really hefty emotional bits with him and his family, this one not so much.

Also, the world of this book feels like it breaks with the spirit of the first one.

Review 2: The Silver Dream audiobook by Mercedes

good sequel!

a little less surprising than book one but still a good entertainment!!!! great characters.. If you like space, time and parallel worlds, this is your book!

Review 3: The Silver Dream audiobook by Steven Woodcock

This is the second in what is intended to be a trilogy following up on the first novel, Interworld.

The story picks up a few months after the events in Interworld and we meet new “versions” of our hero. We find out a bit more about The Enemy and what they’re after (though frankly I didn’t think it was all that clear) and the story unfolds at a relatively slow but steady pace.

Unfortunately (and I didn’t have this suspicion confirmed until I read some of the other reviews), Neil Gaiman didn’t really WRITE this book. Or even every other chapter. It was written by the Reaves and sadly, it shows. While reading it I felt something was “missing” and now I know what it was–it was Gaiman’s touch. The Reaves are good enough writers but sadly they’re just not as good as he is, and as a result I found this novel flat and unappealing.

Recommended if you really are intrigued by the storyline but otherwise I couldn’t really recommend it.

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