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The Triangle is the first book in the Shape of Love series by JA Huss and Johnathan McClain. The audiobook is narrated by Tad Branson, Ava Erickson, and Luke Jackson. The novel follows the love triangle between Laurel, Kieran, and West, three friends who cannot deny their attraction to one another. Laurel has been in love with Kieran for years, but their relationship has never progressed past friendship. When their friend West enters the picture, the three discover an inexplicable connection and energy that draws them together. But with each of them harboring their own secrets and insecurities, their relationship becomes increasingly complicated and risky. The audiobook explores themes of love, friendship, jealousy, and self-discovery in a unique and provocative way. The performances of the narrators are exceptional, conveying the complex emotions and dynamics between the characters with sensitivity and depth. The Triangle is a steamy, thought-provoking audiobook that will leave listeners wanting more.

A suspenseful, tangled, erotic love story from the twisted minds of New York Times bestselling author JA Huss and actor/screenwriter Johnathan McClain.

Alec. Christine. Danny. This is how you say our names. Danger is our drug of choice, our addiction triangle.

Alec. Golden boy with diamond in eye. Christine. Partner in crime and owner of my heart. They know what they want. I. Danny. Not sure about everything they are offering. But if she needs me, I’ll come. So when he called, I went. It’s just that simple.

Until it is not.

Until all those memories come flooding back with all the things we’ve left behind.

I only know three things. Without her without him. There is no me without them. No, we don’t have us. We are Alec, Christine and Danny.

And this is what our love looks like.

Alec, Christine, Danny – JA Huss and Johnathan McClain have created something spectacular with The Triangle, these three characters tell us about their past and present, each with unique voices. I don’t think you normally have such well developed and complex three main characters, it’s really something special. I have read this book many times and each time I discover something new. I love everything about this book, it’s full of darkness, twists, and turns, with lots of love, loyalty, and betrayal.

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