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The Vanishing Velázquez is a book written by Laura Cumming that explores the mysterious disappearance of a painting by the renowned Spanish artist Diego Velázquez. The book delves into the life and works of Velázquez, as well as the captivating story behind one of his most famous paintings, “Portrait of a Man.”
In her book, Cumming takes readers on a journey through art history and detective work as she unravels the enigma surrounding the missing painting. She begins by introducing Diego Velázquez, a master painter who rose to prominence during the Spanish Golden Age in the 17th century. Velázquez’s innovative techniques and ability to capture human emotion made him one of the most celebrated artists of his time.
The focus then shifts to the painting itself, “Portrait of a Man,” which was believed to have been lost for centuries. Cumming recounts how this particular artwork caught her attention during a visit to an exhibition at the National Gallery in London. Struck by its beauty and intrigue, she embarks on a quest to uncover its history and trace its whereabouts.
As Cumming delves deeper into her investigation, she uncovers a web of stories and characters connected to the painting. She explores the lives of various individuals who owned or encountered the artwork throughout history, including art collectors, scholars, and even thieves. Through meticulous research and interviews with experts, she pieces together the puzzle surrounding the painting’s disappearance.
Throughout the book, Cumming also reflects on her own personal connection to art and how it has shaped her life. She shares anecdotes from her childhood and discusses how art has influenced her perception of the world. This introspective element adds depth to the narrative and allows readers to connect with Cumming on a more personal level.
“The Vanishing Velázquez” is not only a captivating detective story but also an exploration of art’s power to captivate and inspire. Cumming’s writing is rich with vivid descriptions and historical context, bringing the world of Velázquez to life. Her meticulous research and attention to detail make this book a valuable resource for art enthusiasts and history buffs alike.
In conclusion, “The Vanishing Velázquez” by Laura Cumming is a fascinating exploration of the life and works of Diego Velázquez, as well as the mystery surrounding one of his most famous paintings. Through her meticulous research and personal reflections, Cumming takes readers on a captivating journey through art history, unraveling the enigma behind the missing artwork.

The Vanishing Velázquez – Audiobook Online By: Laura Cumming

From one of the world’s most professional art critics, comes the astonishing true story – part art history and part mystery – about the missing Velázquez portrait and the haunted bookseller in the 19th century determined to prove that he had found it.

When John Snare, a 19th – century provincial bookseller, went to a liquidation auction, he came across a vivid portrait of King Charles I that defied all explanations. The painting’s Charles is young – too young to be king – and also too young to be painted by the Flemish artist to whom the work is attributed. Snare has found something unbelievable – but what is it?

His research led him to Diego Velázquez, whose long – lost portrait of Prince Charles has eluded art professionals for generations. Velázquez (1599-1660) was the official painter of the Madrid court during the time when the Spanish Empire was on the verge of collapse. When Britain’s Prince Charles – a man rich enough to help turn Spain’s fortunes around – ventured to the court to propose to a Spanish princess, he was only allowed to sit for a few hours to take pictures his portrait. Snare believes that only Velázquez can overcome this challenge. But in making his theory public, Snare was ostracized, fell victim to aristocracy and critics who accused him of fraud, and forced to choose, like Velázquez himself, between art and family.

A thrilling investigation into the complex meanings of authenticity and unshakable determination that drove both artists and collectors of their work, The Vanishing Velázquez away from the lavish courts of Spain Dwells in the 1700s to the gritty courtrooms and auction houses of 19th – century London and New York. But most of all, it’s a story of mystery and discovery, of tragic mishaps and mistakes and identity, about class, politics, snobbery, crime, and almost a comical accident. It is a wonderfully crafted anti – pause tool, a proof of how and why great works of art can affect us to the point of obsession.

What a book. What a painter. What a mystery. What a great read. The author makes the art come alive. However, you’ll be happiest when you have a good, full – color reference to Velazquez’s works at your fingertips as you read. The author will take you into the pictures, the time, the people so that you feel the recognition at the gut level along with the intellectual appreciation of how great Velazquez is, and you will fully understand Get the other side of the story told in the book – the story of a man who thought he had found a Velazquez, and how it changed, as well as the cost, with his life. he. This is a wonderful book. I regret reading it, and I look forward to reading it again.

“The Vanishing Velazquez” benefits the reader by detailing the life and paintings (Las Meninas, Juan de Pareja, Pope Innocent X, etc.) . Laura Cummings’ main plot follows the obsessions of John Snare, Reading bookseller and owner of a portrait of Charles I, while beautifully depicting, insightfully research, and informing the perils of art collection and provenance, repetitive and tedious at the end of the book. Her artistic analysis can be sharp and insightful; but it is uneven, flowery and novel; a Dutch painter who is “an unusual, hesitant, gentle painter, perhaps lacking a strong or rebellious personality…” The tantalizing mystery of this missing portrait loses its recollection box in the tangled structure of the book. The disc part of the paperback edition is very helpful and her bibliography seems complete and instructive.

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