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The Victory Garden is a historical fiction novel written by Rhys Bowen and narrated by Saskia Maarleveld. Set during World War I, the story follows the journey of Emily Bryce, a young woman from a privileged background who decides to join the Women’s Land Army in England.
The novel begins in 1918 when Emily, feeling restless and wanting to contribute to the war effort, leaves her comfortable life behind and volunteers for the Women’s Land Army. She is assigned to work at a grand estate called Throckton Hall, which has been converted into a convalescent hospital for wounded soldiers. Emily quickly adapts to her new role as a land girl, learning how to plant and harvest crops, tend to livestock, and maintain the gardens.
As Emily immerses herself in her work, she forms close bonds with her fellow land girls and the patients at Throckton Hall. She befriends Lady Charlton, the owner of the estate, who is grieving the loss of her son in the war. Together, they find solace in their shared love for gardening and create a beautiful victory garden on the grounds of Throckton Hall.
Throughout the novel, Emily experiences personal growth and discovers her own strength and resilience. She learns valuable lessons about love, friendship, and the importance of community. As she witnesses the horrors of war firsthand and sees how it affects those around her, she becomes more determined than ever to make a difference.
The Victory Garden is a captivating tale that explores themes of sacrifice, courage, and hope amidst the backdrop of war. Rhys Bowen’s vivid storytelling brings to life the challenges faced by women during this time period and highlights their contributions to the war effort through their work in agriculture.

The Victory Garden – Audiobook Online By: Rhys Bowen

From the bestselling author The Tuscan Child and the Her Royal Spyness comes a beautiful, moving novel about one woman’s love and sacrifice set during World War I.

The tender story is brilliantly told by Saskia Maarleveld, a storyteller with more than 325 audio books – including several AudioFile Headphone Awardv – winning books – to her name.

As the Great War continues to wreak havoc across the globe, Emily Bryce meets Robbie, a handsome and cheeky Australian pilot about to be deployed to the front lines. After a whirlwind romance, the two fall in love and get married. After Robbie boarded the ship, Emily volunteered to be a land girl, tending the abandoned grounds of a vast Devonshire estate. Before long, however, Emily received bad news; Robbie was killed in the line of duty. Overwhelmed with grief, Emily – who has just found out she is pregnant – turns to an unexpected source of hope. In the long – forgotten diary entries of a female physician who dedicated her life to the gardens she now cares for, she not only finds solace and solace – but perhaps even the path to her destiny.

Just a sweet story with lovable characters. Bowen did a great job of researching the time period and providing interesting information about herbs and cures, as perceived by previous generations. I liked the descriptions of the house and the grounds – painted a beautiful picture of a lovely place. Don’t expect more than a pleasant experience as time goes by and you won’t be disappointed.

This is a novel about the Second World War and the nurses and the Land Girls and the wounded soldiers. It is a romance and mystery. Mainly a story about kind hearts and loyal friends. It’s about upstairs mixing with downstairs. And, against all odds, it has a happy ending. A box of tissues may be required for the last few pages. The characters and their relationships are well developed. Each of them is fascinating and their back stories are revealed to a greater or lesser extent as the plot demands. Presumably, such a large group of adopters have never been gathered in the same place at the same time. But then that’s why we like novels like this. So we can be immersed in a perhaps better world than reality can offer! Highly recommend a gentle yet engaging read.


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