The Way of Kings

Most of the fans all over the world thought that the “Wheel of Time Saga” was the best piece of art Brandon Sanderson ever created but now we witness something mightier. It is the Roshar world that the author lets us enter where we first of all see only storms and stone and after that people with an unconquerable zeal. 

We listen to tales about the Knights Radiant that is not there now but still stories and rumor go on in the air. The knights were supposed to have magical armors and swords that could transform any man into a war legend. There are stories of ten armies fighting a single enemy and it is just the beginning Brandon prepares us for what the writer has in stock for us in the future.

Dalinar and Jasnah the main characters this time are not too easy to understand and they carry on even to the next part Words of Radiance. Although there is a promise of war but we don’t see it coming, the book creates a solid ground for the things that may come in the other parts. Shallan is the most fascinating character of all, she is the one who shows a curious nature and it is through her eyes we see the scenario in a different way.

The woman is never tried; her energy is never low because she wants to know the truth hidden behind the walls of the empire. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading the official narrators for the job is a nice pair to have for a book. The two really know each other and possess the ability to match the pitch in an excellent way.


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