The Well of Ascension

The Well of Ascension is the 2nd book of the Mistborn series and was anticipated with lots of enthusiasm by book lovers, who actually became the fan of the Mistborn series with its massive opening with The Final Empire novel. Expectations of people were high for this science fiction fantasy novel by Brandon Sanderson, and he didn’t let down his audience. Not even, Michael Kramer with his meaningful and controlled narration of this novel.

Story starts with a bang, where something impossible has been achieved. Lord Ruler, who claimed to be the god and brutally ruled the world has finally been outdone. The mastermind of all this victory was Kelsier, who also lost his life in the battle. The daunting task for setting up a new world from scratch is now on the shoulders of Vin, who was the young protégé of Kelsier. Vin was an ex street urchin, who later on became the most influential Mistborn in the region.

Vin is now acclaimed by a totally new religion and this is that distinction, which makes her very uncomfortable. The most worrying part for her and many others was that the mists started to behave very weirdly since the Lord Ruler passed away. Limiting the assassins might help Vin in keep his all skills under check and immensely sharp, but that was actually the issue from the lowest level, which she was worried about to any extent.

The Hero of Ages and The Alloy of Law are other popular novels by Michael Kramer, which earned him great appreciation. Both these novels are from the Mistborn series and tempting enough to listen them from cover to cover.

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