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This Is What America Looks Like: My Journey from Refugee to Congresswoman by Ilhan Omar is an autobiography that details the life of Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American congresswoman. The book covers her experiences as a refugee, her education in America, her political career, and her perspective on American politics.

Ilhan Omar was born in Somalia and came to the United States as a refugee when she was 12 years old. She arrived in Arlington, Virginia, with her family, speaking only Somali and having missed out on years of schooling. Despite the challenges she faced, she worked hard to adapt to her new environment and eventually became a grassroots organizer, graduated from college, and was elected to Congress from Minnesota.

The book provides insight into Omar’s upbringing in Somalia and her experiences as a refugee in Kenya before coming to America. It also discusses her struggles to fit in and find her identity in a new country, as well as her political beliefs and activism. One theme that runs throughout the book is Omar’s commitment to community organizing and advocating for marginalized groups. She believes that by finding common goals among diverse individuals and using collective numbers to advocate from a place of strength, we can make progress towards creating a more equitable society.**

Omar’s political career began when she worked on campaigns to defeat ballot initiatives that she saw as threats to civil liberties. She figured out a winning narrative by appealing to both communities of color and white rural Minnesotans, ultimately helping to defeat these initiatives. She was then elected to the state legislature in 2016 and to the US Congress in 2018 as one of the first two Muslim women in the House.

Despite facing criticism and controversy throughout her political career, Omar remains committed to standing up for marginalized groups and giving voice to the voiceless. She believes that empathy is essential for public officials and that government representatives must be fluent in the day-to-day struggles of those they serve. By putting themselves in the shoes of those impacted by the solutions they implement, they can work towards eradicating problems rather than just treating symptoms.**

Overall, This Is What America Looks Like is an inspiring coming-of-age story that offers insights into the experiences of a refugee and public servant with unshakable faith in the promise of America. It highlights the importance of community organizing, empathy, and resilience in overcoming challenges and making progress towards creating a more equitable society.

An intimate and rousing memoir by progressive pioneer Ilhan Omar – the first African refugee, first Somali American, and one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress.

lhan Omar was only eight years old when war broke out in Somalia. The youngest of seven children, her mother passed away when Ilhan was still a little girl. She was raised by her father and grandfather when armed gunmen attacked their compound and the family decided to flee Mogadishu. They eventually arrived at a refugee camp in Kenya, where Ilhan says she understood the profound meaning of hunger and death. Four years later, after a thorough vetting process, her family achieved refugee status and arrived in Arlington, Virginia.

At 12 years old, penniless, speaking only Somali and having missed years of school, Ilhan rolled up his sleeves and was determined to find his American dream. Facing the many challenges of being an immigrant and refugee, she questions stereotypes and builds bridges with her classmates and in her community. In less than two decades, she became a grassroots organizer, graduated from college, and was elected to Congress with a record turnout by Minnesotans – poised to continue surpassing across boundaries and restore moral clarity in Washington, DC.

A beacon of positivity in dark times, Congresswoman Omar has weathered many political storms while maintaining her signature charm, wit, and love of country – while always rising up. speak for your beliefs. Likewise, in chronicling her remarkable personal journey, Ilhan is both lyrical and emotionless, and her irrepressible spirit, patriotism, friendship, and faith are clearly evident. in every minute. As a result, This Is What America Looks Like is both an inspiring coming-of-age story of a refugee and a multifaceted tale of hopes and aspirations, disappointments and failures, the successes, sacrifices and surprises of a dedicated public servant with an unwavering faith in America’s promise.

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