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“This Just Speaks to Me” by Hoda Kotb is a collection of beloved quotes, inspiration, wisdom, and hope that offers daily reflections for readers. The book contains 365 new quotes and stories shared by the author, touching on various aspects of life such as motherhood, friendship, love, loss, and acts of kindness. Through warmth, humor, and generosity, Hoda Kotb aims to uplift and inspire readers each day with her words. The book serves as a companion for navigating life’s challenges and finding moments of positivity even in difficult times.”

In this all-new collection of beloved quotes, This Just Speaks to Me, New York Times bestselling author Hoda Kotb offers inspiration, wisdom, and hope 365 days a year.

When her first quote collection, I Really Need This Today, was published in 2019, Hoda never imagined her favorite words, stories, and memories would make a splash. how deeply it resonates with the audience. People across the country were connected not only by the book’s positive message but also through their generosity in sharing it with friends and family who needed a daily burst of inspiration. Hoda was truly touched by fans who shared their “quotes” with her that touched them or someone they love the most.

Now, to continue that remarkable experience, Hoda is back with 365 new quotes and stories to share with his beloved fans. In This Just Speaks to Me, she writes about the people and moments that have enriched her life, discussing everything from motherhood and friendship to love and loss. The book also celebrates the countless acts of kindness that have taken place during these uniquely challenging times. Told with the same warmth, humor and generosity that infused I Really Need This Today, This Just Speaks to Me promises to be the next great companion book, enhanced every day by Hoda’s sparkle at a time when we might need it most.

Loved her first book along these lines, loved this one even more. It arrived in the mail the day I was about to have my 6th BIG spine surgery. I woke up after a few days in a medically induced coma and was delighted to see my husband and “This Just Speaks” to Me” on the hospital table. I know it will help me in the days and weeks to come. I finally moved from the ICU to the Intensive Care Unit and just yesterday to the Intensive Care Physical Rehabilitation Facility after over 3 weeks. Hoda’s book kept me engaged and inspired me. It has also helped inspire many others to whom I have introduced her. Thank you, many times. And thank you Hoda and Jenna for making me laugh and cry every day.

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