Thunderhead (Full Audiobook) Arc of a Scythe By Neal Shusterman

Thunderhead is a chapter out of the Arc of a Scythe series. It is beautifully written by Neal Shusterman. The book is categorized for teens and specially intended for those in the age group of 11 to 13 years. It is narrated by Greg Tremblay in a highly stern voice, which is the requirement for a novel of its type.

Roman and Citra are known to have completely opposite perspective in lives. Both of them for the obvious reasons took contradictory standpoints on Scythedom morality and putting both of them at odds. This is the sequel of the Scythe novel, which from the author who gained the New York Times best-selling author status. His Unwind novel helped him to rise to those highest ranks in the New York Times best-selling author list.

All that Thunderhead could do is to observe and it cannot by any means interfere with any of the Scythedom matters. Actually, it doesn’t like most of the things that it sees.

It is a year almost since Rowan had gone away from the grid. Since that time, Rowan has managed to become a significant urban legend. His story is whispered all across the continent.

Just as Anastasia, Citra assembles with extreme motivation to fully challenge the ‘new world’ ideals. But, just when his life is under a threat and all her approaches were scrutinized, it became evident that no one was ready or comfortable with the change.

Scythe and Dry are other popular novels by writer, Neal Shusterman. These recommended novels are also for teens and based on science fiction fantasy genre. It is the most apt content, which teens would definitely like.

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