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Trump by Donald J. Trump is a memoir by the one and only, and the most recent president of the USA. The book is based on the professionals and academics genre. Donald J. Trump has written many inspirational books detailing his experience in the business world. They always carry a very strong and useful message for the upcoming people in business or those who are struggling. If you want to check more books from Donald Trump then Why We Want You to Be Rich and Trump Never Give Up are the best ones.

The narration of this audiobook is given by Barry Bostwick. The narrator received mixed reviews for his performance but they were more inclined towards the positive side.

In this book, you will find the bestselling author, real estate titan, TV impresario, and the most recent president of the USA, Mr. Donald J. Trump. You will find him revealing some amazing secrets related to his success in life. All the nearest and dearest ones of Donald Trump advised him to write on this very subject. It went on for a few years before he finally decided to go ahead. It came mainly after his appearance in The Apprentice which made him realize how hungry people are about learning.

In this book, you will mainly find Trump telling the secrets that he learned through his experience with The Apprentice, which is his real estate empire. The inspiration comes through his most critical role in the empire and heading a group of 20,000 people professionally.

The book is missing some details and it is not many solutions-oriented. Although, Donald Trump has been sharing some good solutions and ways forward for those who are struggling in their business.

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