Under The Ice: A Gus LeGarde Mystery

Under The Ice: A Gus LeGarde Mystery is the ninth novel in the LeGarde Mysteries series by Aaron Paul Lazar. This book is about the good life Camille LeGarde and her daughter, Shelby. Miss Camille has a new husband named Gus. The LeGarde family’s life is shattered when the man in Camille’s nightmares is released from prison. What will Gus do to protect loved ones in the family. We invite you to follow the next development of this fascinating book.

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Review 1: Under The Ice: A Gus LeGarde Mystery audiobook by Davidt100

A Decent Story, Feels like a Soap Opera

I started listening to this book because it was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com.

I did not realize that it was the ninth book in a very long series. At first I thought the author had left out a lot detail, for instance a one line mention that the daughter had been in a comma most of her life. I realized that I had jumped into the middle of a soap opera and the character development had been going on through the previous eight books.

That being said, I am reviewing this from the position of this book as a standalone and not one of a series. I liked the book in that the story was relatively complete once you got to the end. Overall the story was interesting and it kept me listening to it each day until complete. I thought the author spent too much time on the relationships in the book, especially Gus’s grandchildren. It was like sitting and watching someone play with their grandchildren and not being able to walk away after the initial cuteness wore off quickly. That combined with the sappy voice of the narrator was a little too much at times.

The narrator’s female voices were just plain annoying to me. His voice was either too high or too deep for a regular woman, and it felt like he was trying too hard to make the women dramatic, much more than the men.

Overall the story is decent, the characters are interesting, but there is too much time spent on daily interactions that no one cares about, except if your into soap operas. The narrator adds to that distraction and adds too much drama to the book in his voice.

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Review 2: Under The Ice: A Gus LeGarde Mystery audiobook by Brandy Blackerby

wow each new book I read by Aaron Paul Lazar

wow each new book I read by Aaron Paul Lazar makes me LOVE HIM AS AN AUTHOR EVEN MORE!! His writing is unique IN A VERY GOOD WAY & I can’t wait to see what other books he has!! I don’t leave reviews that just tell you the book description! I will say I loved the book, the NARRATOR DID AN AWESOME JOB & Its definitely worth listening to!! I am already looking for more books by this AMAZING AUTHOR!!

Review 3: Under The Ice: A Gus LeGarde Mystery audiobook by Lorrie

Can’t wait to read more in the LeGarde mysteries

I was given a copy of this book for my unbiased review. If you like mystery novels you will want to add this to you reading list. The author has a new fan.
Well written
Great plot
The narrator has a way to bring the words to images.

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