Unseen Academicals (audiobook) by Terry Pratchett

A fantasy that takes us not to a new world of kings and queens but a totally new world of football which is quite different from the football of the real world that we know. Not only the rules are new but also the players are of a different temperament and the goal posts and the balls that are used are not of conventional type at all.

This football series include not players but wizards who are bound not to use their magical powers in the matches thus they try everything else that they can for the winning of the football series. Terry Pratchett has created a fantasy out of a simple football match by adding spice of things like fast footballs with pointy hats and other such things just like in his book The Wee Free Men – Terry Pratchett.

There is also a character named Mr. Nutt who possesses a complex character and we know different things related to him as the story slowly unfolds. There is also a different sort of practice for the football series in which the players kick tin cans instead of footballs, especially a young beautiful woman who possesses the power to change the whole game if she selects a side to support.

There is more than one narrator in the story and all of them including David Jason, Jon Culshaw, Mathew Horne, Josie Lawrence and Jaime Winstone have completed the given task excellently without any error. The story does not go much complex as the plot is simple and there is no evil villain or forces that are acting inside the matches as no magic is allowed inside the playing area, outside the playing area there are certain sorts of planning but all is focused on match winning and nothing related to personal issues. 



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