Wilful Behaviour – Commissario Brunetti Mysteries Book 11

Wilful Behaviour is the 11th horror novel in the Commissario Brunetti Mysteries series by author Donna Leon. One of his wife’s students, Paola, comes to visit him, with a strange and vague interest in investigating to gain pardon for a crime her grandfather committed years ago.

Commissario Brunetti did not think about it, he was attracted to the girl who was intelligent and serious about morality.

The 11th book deals with Venice Member Guido Brunetti being called to find the killer Claudia Leonardo, a student of his at the university. Claudia asks Paula data Guido can help her clear the name of her, who died in a mental hospital.
Claudia was then grouped and her grandmother was found dead a few days later of an obvious pain. Guido must solve the murder and determine if the two deaths are related.

The murder mystery features the Hero in Inspector Brunetti, whose humanity stands in contrast to the corruption commonly found in beautiful Venice. Along with the bad things, the good in beauty and family life always appears.

The dark side of the culture is greed and lurking hypocrisy, murders, which Brunetti and his Secretary are trying to solve. It is this understanding of complex human and social emotions that defines Brunetti’s skill. The novel is really meaningful in life, very necessary for each of us.

This book covers the life of Brunetti and the Paola family more clearly, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the legacy of World War II in Italy than its predecessors.

The book further elaborates on the side effects of his family’s life, he shows us the streets of Venice and with his family. The focus is on Claudia Leonardo and her questionable grandfather’s past. Author Leon has brought Paoloa, Brunetti’s wife into the murder mystery.

When Paola’s young student Claudia is murdered, the police investigate it and uncover shocking truths about the deceased grandfathers tied to Nazi cooperation during the second world war. Historically, this is a significant lesson.

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