You Are Prey – Argonauts Book 2 By Isaac Hooke

You Are Prey is the second action book in the Argonauts series by author Isaac Hooke. Rade and his group of ex-soldiers pursue a Phant, to a destroyed world on the far side of the galaxy.
The planet is not dead as they know it. Their target hides in a giant nest inhabited by the Technology Class. Rade decided to continue operating; The team enters the nest to capture prey.

A simple infiltration and exploitation mission soon turns into a living nightmare.

Trapped beneath an alien world, they are fighting for their lives. Rade and his team quickly realize that in their new role, they are no longer hunters. Now they become prey to the alien world out there.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- This is another great book that continues the story of Rade and his fellow Argonauts. Rade Galaal and his former colleagues turned to contractors when there was a shift from civilian security work. When Syria hires Rade Galaal to hunt down the remaining enemy Phants lurking in human space.
But sometimes even a simple bug hunt turns out to be complicated. And hunters can become prey.
02- Hooke makes a great series that has well built characters, an excellent plot. The story and intense action can keep the reader in suspense. Isaac Hooke’s prose paints a believable story with fine detail that won’t let you down.

03- This book is about where Bug Hunt stopped, along with the Argonauts to hunt down another Phantom Phant.
They move to a destroyed planet at the end of the galaxy, they see the fate of humanity if the Phants are not defeated in the first Alien War.

04- My feeling is that he finds his sweet spot with lovable characters that have intense action and inventive alien interactions.

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