A Flight of Souls – A Shade of Vampire Book 23

A Flight of Souls is the 23rd romance book in the Shade of Vampire series by author Bella Forrest. The whole series is amazing and extremely well narrated. This is Ben and River’s romantic love story as we move towards the enchanting finale. This series is from the perspective and name for the audience who love love stories.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: A Flight of Souls – A Shade of Vampire Book 23 audiobook by Lawrence Munoz

SoV book 21 AMAZING

I have read many and listened to the entire series up til this book so far. This is the first review I’ve submitted and that’s because I loved this book. Honestly the entire series is amazing and incredibly well narrated. The different voices and even the change of voices from a single narrator are always amazing. Not sure how I feel about the bloodless but still it’s an interesting and crazy twist along with many others. This series always delivers on twists and turns to keep u wanting more. I wish some of the romance was taken up a notch but even without it I reccomend this entire series 100 times over. I also love that it’s not another book mostly written for youth. I like many of those series too especially the House of Night series. But again those are mostly written from the perspective and for a younger audience. Still an absolutely wonderful series if you haven’t found it yet.

Review 2: A Flight of Souls – A Shade of Vampire Book 23 audiobook by michelle c

Yet again, another awesome book!

Although the books are rather short for an audio book, they are very enjoyable and the series itself has never bored me. To often I find that series from other authors will just repeat basically the same story with different lead characters. Bella never does that! It’s always a completely different and wonderful experience in this world she continues to expand. I love that she includes old characters and is always introducing new ones! You can never go wrong with a purchase from this author!

Review 3: A Flight of Souls – A Shade of Vampire Book 23 audiobook by BETSY JAMES


I really enjoyed this one. I felt like it was keeping me in on every detail of every chapter. Can’t wait to listen to the next one!

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