A Game of Fox & Squirrels – Children’s Audiobooks

A Game of Fox & Squirrels – Children’s Audiobooks by Author Jenn Reese.

Jenn Reese’s A Game of FOx & Squirrels is a beautiful story. Part fairy tale and part survival story, this is the story of Samantha Littlefield and her sister, Caitlin. They have to stay with two aunts they’ve never met in Oregon after a horrible incident in their family. Sam feels lost and scared in this strange world and longs to return home. But is home really where she thinks? When Sam is given a mysterious card game, fantasy and reality collide in a suspenseful quest. Things are not as they seem, and friends can very well be enemies.

Reese deftly explores the trauma that occurs even after being abused. Sam is an interesting character, and the reader is drawn into her mind in a compelling way. This is a book not to be put down.

The characters are engaging, and the narration is phenomenal! I love how Ms. Franco has a distinct voice for each character, especially her portrayal of the gentle Aunt Vicky and the sly and menacing fox, Asander. Reese spins a clever story that explores difficult topics in a creative way. Give this fascinating story a chance. I really hope it gets literary recognition as it is one of the most unique reading experiences I have come across in a while. Happy listening, and God bless you all.

A Game of Fox & Squirrels

  • By: Jenn Reese
  • Narrated by: Sarah Franco
  • Length: 6 hrs and 4 mins
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