A Trick of the Light Louise Penny | Chief Inspector Gamache/Three Pines Book 7

A Trick of Light is a mystery thriller novel. It is the seventh chapter of Chief Inspector Gamache/ Three Pines novel series. The book is written by Louise Penny. She made a great name for herself in mystery thrillers. Her novels are usually set in the Canadian province of Quebec as she herself is from Canada. The best novel so far from Louise Penny is All the Devils Are Here: A Novel. After this one, you will surely like her A Rule Against Murder novel.

This chapter is narrated by Ralph Cosham. He is a regular name in the majority of the novels that Louise Penny has written. It was a very satisfactory performance and this novel really sounded so good.

Hearts are broken and then there are some really sweet relationships which are also dead. This time, it is Lillian who herself is dead. She is discovered among the bleeding hearts and the lilacs that belonged to the garden of Clara Morrow in Three Pines. It all shattered all the celebrations of the solo show of Clara Morrow which was planned at the popular Musee in Montreal. Gamache, Chief Inspector was called in to the small village in Quebec.

He discovered the art world and along with it a big world of nuance and shading as well. There is absolutely nothing as it seems. There is a sneer lurking behind every smile there. A broken heart is there inside every sweet and loving relationship apparently. Even, when the facts are exposed in a slow manner, things were never getting cleared to Gamache and his team. They always seems to be far from the truth.

Louise Penny is believed to be excessively ambitions in her story plotting. This is what you will experience in this chapter. On top of that, she is also seen mesmerizing her followers with arrange of exciting characters that they would love to meet in real life.

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