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Above the Bay of Angels is a novel by author Rhys Bowen.
New York Times bestselling novel Chief Inspector Gamache

A unique twist of fate brings a maid to work in Queen Victoria’s royal kitchen.

Isabella Waverly comforts a felled woman on the streets of London. In her last dying moments, she sent Bella a letter. Here is the offer to work in the kitchen of Buckingham Palace and everything the budding young chef desperately wanted: to escape the confines of life as her lowly servant. In place of strangers, Bella can spread her wings.

Coming in as Helen Barton from Yorkshire, she follows her passion of creating delicious food, catering to the delighted Queen Victoria herself. She was chosen to accompany the queen to Nice. Until the threat of black shadows blackmailing Bella reaches the Riviera and a member of the queen’s entourage falls ill and dies.

After preparing the last meal for the royal guest, Bella is suspected of poisoning. An investigation will inevitably follow. And her new life will fall apart.

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