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After Z by J.S. PatrickAudiobook Online.

Since a decade now, the world has known the existence of immunodegradation and epidermolysis virus (strain two). World governments and a number of civilian agencies have, so far, tried to keep the unthinkable from happening. They have achieved that by controlling outbreaks and preventing global pandemics.

But even the best control measures seem to be ineffective, as outbreaks become more frequent and larger in scale. Hundred percent of people infected with ImDED2 die. The point is they don’t die. The virus invades their bodies, turning them into insatiable, cannibalistic machines. Zombie.

Ryan Maxwell, a retired soldier, and his wife Victoria, a high school science teacher, have sacrificed for many years to provide a good life for their family, but even the working couple Even the hardest can get through tough times.

However, the momentary purchase of a lottery ticket is about to change their lives forever. And can save them all.

Will Maxwell be able to leverage their newly earned wealth in time to form a safe buffer between their family and friends and the possibility of a global zombie apocalypse? Is there enough money to buy safe passage in a world…after Z?

After Z, definitely delivered, it met my highest expectations. I knew it was going to be great within the first few minutes, and I wasn’t wrong. It is well written with a unique and interesting plot that captures attention and engages the reader/listener from start to finish. The characters are well developed, engaging and absolutely amazing.

An excellent performance by Matthew Crow’s; he really brought the characters and the story to life. All and all, After Z is a great post-apocalyptic zombie story and definitely worth a listen. I really recommend this audiobook.

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