Afternoon Delight, Charity Case, Book 2 by Piper Rayne

Afternoon Delight, Charity Case, Book 2 by Piper Rayne.

Love Chelsea and Dean!
Afternoon Delight is 5 stars of heat, pain, forgiveness, redemption, joy and lots of laughter! Just when I thought that no other book would ever come close to their favorite, even though I absolutely love and enjoy all of their books, Piper Rayne proved me wrong.

Chelsea is a woman I would love to hang out with, whether we’re at a bar or watching a movie or just relaxing. I admire her sarcasm and honesty. I feel her pain when she thinks or talks about her marriage and divorce. Her struggle was tough and I don’t blame her one bit for how she felt towards Dean… before they reconnected. I was overjoyed when she broke down and opened her heart again.

Dean is a man I admire. It takes serious strength and courage to do what he did between their divorce and their reconnection. It is also necessary to seriously admit mistakes and take responsibility. I absolutely admire his tenacity with Chelsea. And everything he did? Overwhelmed!!

Good Afternoon is a book that reminds me that love can exist. There were moments when it brought me to tears of horror, not only in satisfaction but in laughter. Piper Rayne never made me snort and burst out laughing, tearing up, trying to rub the pain from my chest and fanning my face as I passed out. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

As for the performance, I feel generous with the three-star rating because the last third of the performance is better than the first two. For most of the book’s length, I felt that the narrator was making the book sound boring when it was just anything but. This is my favorite Charity Case book and I’m a bit disappointed. However, it was the emotion that saved it in the end. It’s the punch of feeling I’ve been waiting for and been missing in the first place. I hope that if I get to hear the narrator perform any more of Piper Rayne’s books, she’ll give them what they deserve.

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