Amber and Ashes – Dragonlance Dark Disciple Book 1

Amber and Ashes is the first science fiction novel in the Dragonlance: Dark Disciple series by author Margaret Weis. This is a New York Times best-selling book. This is the story that follows the chaotic discovery of Krynn in the post-war era. This is Weis’ first solo trilogy in the Dragonlance world.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Amber and Ashes – Dragonlance Dark Disciple Book 1 audiobook by Jacob

terrible narrator

I thought the narrator for the war of souls was bad it I didn’t love the story so much 5his would have been in listenable, between mispronounced names and god awful accents I was about ready to disavow dragonlance forever

Review 2: Amber and Ashes – Dragonlance Dark Disciple Book 1 audiobook by Heaps

Interesting Storyline

After suffering through Marieve Herington I still hear the wretched echo of mispronounced words. But to my relief it was in my mind.

The narrator did amazing and I felt involved and pulled in by the story and the narration. Since you will need to have read the war of souls before this series, I recommend you take the time to buy the trilogy on paper and read it on your own. But don’t be afraid to get this book as an audio book, this narrator makes the book come alive.

This is an amazing series, and you won’t be disappointed with this book. And the narrator is fun and entertaining to listen to.

Review 3: Amber and Ashes – Dragonlance Dark Disciple Book 1 audiobook by TickleMeTemplar

The narrator did a really nice job, but…

I’ll be honest. I have the paperbacks of the series, and I only got past the first 10 or so chapters. It reads too much like a romance novel, when it comes from a D&D series focused on gods, dragons and epic battles. There’s too much “I love you <insert god here>” and not enough action. The narrator did a nice job. The writing is really meh. But, I’m determined to soldier through, unlike the main female antagonist, who did a 180 from the War of Souls Trilogy. She used to be a stoic, battle-hardened general. Now she spends her time fawning like a high school freshman after a horny, emo god…

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