Assassin’s Fate – Fitz and the Fool Book 3

Assassin’s Fate is the third novel in the Fitz and the Fool series by author Robin Hobb. Part 3 is loved and is superior to the previous 2 parts. Fitz’s young daughter, Bee, is kidnapped by the Servants, a secret society whose members use prophecy to increase their wealth and influence.

Bee is dragged around the world by sadists. Fitz and The Fool believe that the bee is dead, they embark on a revenge mission that takes them to the island where the Servants reside.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Assassin’s Fate – Fitz and the Fool Book 3 by Christian

A funeral to end a master piece.

There are few things that stirred such emotion as this series and more specifically this recording. There few words to convey such deep and unabating grief I felt towards the end. It was like losing a friend. Robin Hobb has once again outdone herself.The characters and their development during the book all culminated this glorious conclusion. Elliot Hill should feel proud of his rendering of the final book of this series. He brought alive the words as written while maintaining the emotions imparted therein. So long Fitz, Nighteyes, and The Fool; happy hunting.

Review 2: Assassin’s Fate – Fitz and the Fool Book 3 by Diane

Heart wrenching

This was lovely pain. I listened at 2.0 double speed in helpless suspense and anxiety. I will never forget these characters and this world. Thank you Robin for making me laugh, rage, cry and care so much that it hurt. A satisfying unforseen end to a great series.

Review 3: Assassin’s Fate – Fitz and the Fool Book 3 by Genemeisel

Fool’s voice

I have read all the books by Robin Hobbs throughout the years but in paperbacks and e-book.This is the first time I tried this series on audio. Currently I am on chapter 7 and I am struggling to go on listening.
Fool’s voice is very different from what he had sounded in my head when I’m reading the past books. The narrator made him sound like a wheezy, old man. He was like on the verge of death every time he speak. It was so hard to listen to him and it distracts me from fully enjoying the book. The other character’s voices are good and I understand that they need to have different voices to distinguish who’s who. But why, oh why does the Fool have the ugliest voice?? (cries)
Still, I’ll hold out for a little longer and see if I will get used to it. Maybe I’ll buy the physical book if I cannot stand his voice anymore.

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