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Promise Me, Dad is a biography written by Joe Biden, the current elected President of USA. He has been sharing his life experiences and his personal and political struggle in several of his other books. A couple of worth mentioning books from Biden are Promises to Keep and Conversations with Joe.

Joe Biden himself has narrated this biography and it sounds wonderful.

It was November 2014, when 13 members from the Biden family got together for thanksgiving in Nantucket. It was a family tradition that they were following for the last four decades or so. It was a constant which became more of an obligation and an overscheduled life. This holiday used to be a long needed respite and a good time to connect with family.

But this year of 2014 was much different from the prior ones. Beau, the eldest son of Joe and Bill had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, 15 months ago. His survival with that malignant brain tumor was uncertain. Beau asked for a “Promise Me, Dad” to Joe that he will be all right, no matter, whatever happens. Joe gave him his word.

The book has all the chronicles of the following year. Those events turned out to be the most challenging and momentous ones in the personal life and political career Joe. Beau fought for his life for 12 months and then lost it.

The Vice President then kept a good balance between living up to his responsibilities towards his family and also to the country. He was near to presidency in 2016 and then there was also pain of losing his son. But, even the worst times taught Biden to be strong and have deep bonds with his family as well. Moreover, there was also his deep friendship with Barack Obama in the Oval Office, growing as well.

As a bonus, this audiobook also has a very powerful interview of Joe Biden. The interview is with Mike Barnicle who is an award-winning journalist. Overall, this biography is quite touching and emotional at times. It has stories of struggle including both the personal and political life of Biden.

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