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Above the Line is a good book by author Stephen Klemich, Mara Klemich. The content of the book is about
A leadership consultant and neuropsychologist identifies common habits of the heart and mind. It is the key to removing the behavioral patterns that hold us back, unlocking our true potential, and creating our best selves.

Why is it so hard for leaders to coach struggling employees? Why do we repeat mistakes and negative behaviors?

Until you realize why you’re making choices and how the heart and brain work together, say business consultant Stephen Klemich and clinical psychologist Mara Klemich. your behavior, you can’t change your established ways and discover your best self.

In Above the Line, they argue that the quality of your life comes from the attitude of your heart. It explores the deep, fundamental dynamics of human behavior that exist within your heart – the seat of your personality. It reveals that all of these behaviors can be explained by four heart-based principles – humility, love, pride and fear – that affect every aspect of our lives, whether good or bad.

The pressures of life are pulling our personalities below the line while our real selves are pulling us to live above the line. When you fully understand that these four principles are at the root of your behavior, you can begin your journey to becoming your best self and navigate a more productive and successful life. Above the Line will create lasting behavior change and improve your personal and professional life so you can make a positive impact on the world around you.

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