Audiobook Online – Accidental Sire By Molly Harper

Accidental Sire is a love book in the Half-Moon Hollow series by author Molly Harper. The content of the book is about Ben, Gigi’s ex-boyfriend. When his new girlfriend is killed in an Ultimate Frisbee’s gruesome crash, he’s determined to save her. No matter the cost, even if it means sending her into the shadows of the vampire life!

This visit began at the University of Kentucky while Ophelia was in college and stayed at the New Dawn Dormitory catering to vamps and humans. Ben remember him from when he was Gigi’s boyfriend? dragged to the party by Jaime. Did I mention how much I enjoy visiting with people from Hollows?

We first met Megan when she and Ben were flirting. After a horrible accident she was a vampire and everything went downhill, confusing and complicated from there. Freaky gets downright weird and weird when she bites Ben. And now there are two.

Jane will have her whole hand to raise these two, keep them out of trouble, teach them the ways of vampires, figure out all their idioms. Oh and did I mention there are people after Megan who use her as a guinea pig. Life doesn’t get any better than the adventures we follow in Half Moon Hollow.

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