Becoming (Audiobook) by Michelle Obama

  1. ‘Becoming’ is not an ordinary book with a traditional storyline rather it is an extraordinary memoir written by an amazing who has inspired people around the world, and Yes she no one else but the former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Being a fabulous person she has always given the perfect voice to her thoughts and has proven to be a person who is meant to inspire a life of others in a positive direction. This best-seller memoir written and narrated by Michelle Obama is a perfect depiction of the unmatched personality and character she has in herself.

The book ‘Becoming’ is about how she emerged into the most influential and mesmerizing personality who has impacted this world greatly. We can easily find her inspirational speeches in We Rise and Great Speeches by the First Ladies of the United States.

Being the first African-American lady to serve as America’s first lady, she has described how things have been changed so far. She also describes how she has empowered women and young girls in the US and also around the whole world.

She also has intended to express her view of being a woman in a family who is a powerful, strong and determined part of the family to grow with. Also, she signifies the way they have managed to face media and brought up her daughter without affecting their lives, education and a balanced personality every girl needs.

The memoir is a deep reflection of her life, the challenges she faced and how she emerged as a successful woman who can stand up for others in an active manner and has the energy to lead others in the right way. She explains how circumstances have shaped her way of thinking and the way she used to live before.

The book is surely an interesting yet lively representation of how a woman faces her disappointments and fears and becomes a woman who stands for herself and for all.

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