Best Audiobook 2021 – Assassins Code By Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry is a renowned American novelist of suspense. He is also among the top 10 modern writers of horror fiction. The author has offered the literary world plenty of fictional novels that helped him get countless fans. Joe Ledger is his most popular series and Assassin’s Code is its fourth installment His few other popular novels include Patient Zero and Lost Roads.

Ray Porter has done the narration of this novel. The performance was spectacular and the audience enjoyed it a lot. It was loved for his soulful voice and ability to portray the essence of the character in the most desirable manner.

Joe Ledger along with the Echo Team managed to rescue a group of kids from an American college in Iran. It was due to this effort that the Iranian government asked them to help in locating the 6 nuclear bombs. They were believed to be planted in the Mideast oil fields. These stolen nuclear bombs tool Joe and the Echo Team into different vaults of forbidden knowledge in hiding. There were also a series of betrayals, mass-murder, and other such events waiting ahead for them. There were also those genetically produced murderers there with an immense thirst for blood.

Joe Ledger then followed a series of different clues while accompanied by Violin, a beautiful assassin. They were after the Book of Shadows that was known for containing some horrifying truth that was threatening enough to completely shatter his worldview.

Assassin’s Code is an immensely engaging novel especially for its plot and the larger than life character of Joe Ledger. The narration by Ray Porter also holds a special place in the success of this novel.

The Joe Ledger Novels, Book 4

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