Best Audiobook 2021 – Lightning By Dean Koontz

 Dean Koontz is always at his best when he writes horror fiction and for that matter, his novels are not to be missed at all. Lightning is a typical Dean Koontz novel, which is horror fiction. The author has got a few other top novels to impress his new audience where two of the best ones are Elsewhere and Devoted.

Christopher Lane is the narrator of this chapter and he pulled off a sensational performance that amused his followers a lot.

Dean Koontz is the bestselling author of thrilling and horror fiction novels and produced another mind-blowing sensation for the audience here. It was right in the middle of an intense blizzard when lightning got struck. It was right on that night when Laura Shane took her first breath after her birth. At the same time, a blond stranger showed up right in time for saving Laura Shane from dying that night.

Many years after and in the wake of another intense blizzard, Laura Shane will be saved yet again. Someone is watching over her. Is he the guardian angel or someone else? Is he some devil in disguise? Or perhaps the chief of a melancholy destiny beyond all the space and time? Things were not normal at all in that situation where all sorts of things were happening.

Many of the followers of Dean regard it as their favorite book from the writer. It is mainly because of its excellent plot and the way he developed his characters in it. The audio performance from Christopher also deserves to be mentioned here. The novel is fast-paced and gripping, which the audience thoroughly loved.

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