Best Audiobook 2021 – Tom Clancy Oath of Office By Marc Cameron

Tom Clancy Oath of Office is the 18th chapter in A Jack Ryan Novel series. It is written by Marc Cameron. The author is known for his quality work done in the A Jack Ryan Novel series which originally belongs to Tom Clancy. If you are looking for more good novels from Marc Cameron then Tom Clancy: Power and Empire and Tom Clancy Shadow of the Dragon are his most known works.

Scott Brick has narrated this chapter. He was adored for his friendly tone and powerful expression to play all the characters.

Iran might be near freedom finally. There are protests all across the country. The media was happy with the so-called type of the Persian Spring. The leaders from the west are happy too. The Congress members and the entire Cabinet demand to back all the involved rebels. It was only President Jack Ryan who remains cautious. Meanwhile, he got a lot of stuff to handle back home. A deadly flu virus is ravaging the USA just when the floods decimate the Southeast. A senator there was demanding to bring down Ryan from the presidency. He is willing to go to any extreme for this.

The scariest story in the scenario is the one that was most closely guarded. A couple of nuclear missiles from Russia have been hijacked. The Campus receives their very first break when Jack Ryan Jr. connects with a Russian spy in Afghanistan. He got abducted soon after. John Clark along with the other members of the Campus race quickly to track the missiles and also to rescue their colleagues.

Tom Clancy Oath of Office is a heart-stopping adventure. Marc Cameron did a phenomenal job with his writing and Scott Brick made it sound so enjoyable.

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