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Collection of short stories has remained the specialty of Neil Gaiman, although the man has written five awesome adult novels short stories are the main thing. His short stories make people dizzy and feel driven into another world full of monsters and mysterious men. Some of the stories are new and some have reached the standard of a blockbuster previously. Doctor Who was written long ago and gained fame instantly, this story is once again added in this new version of short stories.

Ghost stories are there in this book to create the feeling of awe and then fairy tales grip us by the description of wonderlands present in them. Not to forget the science-related stuff present in a few of the stories. A new concept of death also comes into play when Neil Gaiman starts narrating the story in which he tells us all how people take their stories with them to their graves.

Those personal stories remain in the mind of the dead and are often shared with none in the living world. The Neil Gaiman Reader and Smoke and Mirrors caught the attention of the fans but this one gets the interest. Whoever listens to it put his full devotion and interest into the stories. Neil also mentions some of the real-world situations and events in almost all the stories to establish a connection with the world of flesh all the time. This makes the stories look more lifelike and real although none of Neil’s characters existed for real their existence can be felt by the mind after listening to the book.

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